Sour Tangie

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Sour Tangie is an incredible sativa that will satisfy any connoisseur! This sweet, pungent cross between Sour Diesel and Tangie has the classic aroma of Sour Diesel with a fruity overtone. The bright green nugs have the classic sativa structure and perfect orange hairs. Sour Tangie gives off a very citrusy flavour with slightly cheesy notes. It will leave you feeling energetic, uplifted and wildly creative! Sour Tangie is the perfect daytime strain for anyone looking to stay productive and talkative. One of the best strains out there, get yours while it lasts!!



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3.5, 7, 14, 28

5 reviews for Sour Tangie

  1. Justin

    Will wake you up and keep your mood uplifted!

  2. declan.c.201

    I was buzzing all night with this,did a bunch of housework while grooving to music
    Great sativa

  3. niggytoms

    Very nice looking strain

  4. 2up1down

    Great for the end of a long day.

  5. Eric

    Nice light green and covered in crystal

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