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OG Kush

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Buy cannabis online Canada at Clean Green VIP – OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is really as famous as it gets! This classic hybrid strain, from unknown lineage, makes up the backbone for pretty much every West Coast strain. It is well known for it’s abilities to battle off depression and stress. OG has a very woody and pine heavy aroma with a slight hint of sour lemon. This is one strain that’s really hard not to enjoy at any time of the day!



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6 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Travis

    The bud is amazing Great price and fast shipping

  2. dfoster

    OG Kush is such a classic! Really happy I bought some from you guys. Speedy and discrete shipping. Perfect, caked buds with the classic kush flavour. It’s the kind of strain that always leaves you wanting more!

  3. Adam

    The batch I got was the best stuff I’ve gotten from CLEAN GREEN. I think when they offer this kind of quality for this price it really shows how CLEAN GREEN is the best site to come to. This stuff hits hard but not heavy. You don’t get weighed down unless you overdo it. I smoke a blunt in the morning and then vape throughout the rest of the day and it is the perfect high, morning, noon or night. Would give it more stars if I could, so happy to see it back and still at an incomparable price.

  4. Richard Dunlap

    The OG kush is a strain that never gets old.

  5. Pete Coutilish

    Really liked the buzz. One of my favourite strains.

  6. David Robertson

    I ordered 4 kinds of Kush so far this is favorite !! re ordered again !!

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