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Buy cannabis online Canada at Clean Green VIP – Nuken Strain

Nuken has become a very popular indica strain all across BC! This strong strain was developed on Vancouver Island by cross Shishkaberry and God Bud. Nuken gives off a strong body high while leaving you with enough energy to still be productive. The dense, crystal coated nuggets give off a sweet aroma of fresh herbs and grass. An exceptional indica strain for all cannabis lovers!



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5 reviews for Nuken

  1. John Doolan

    Lots of thc crystal on the buds very nice taste and helped with my back pain alot

  2. Nelson

    Perfectly cured, sparkling green buds with fine orange hairs. Gorgeous nose and taste, relaxing without knocking you out. Loving it

  3. Rick Mock

    I’m sorry to repost but on a second inspection the nuken has the best smell I have had, it rocks yer nostrils like a line from mother nature! Buy this!

  4. Riki Johnson

    Real nice smoke !

  5. Timothy Harris

    Very nice strain, rich smell and pretty good fuzz!

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