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Canadian Moon Rocks

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  • Green Apple
  • Cinn Toast
  • Passion Guava
  • Mango
  • Sour Diesel
  • Melon Candy
  • Orange Cream
canadian moon rocks

Buy moonrocks online at Clean Green VIP – Moon Rocks Strain

The longer the joint burns the more in love you will fall with this exotic rich hash or hookah like smoke. Looking at these moonrocks you would think they came from outerspace, but in fact, they are made by our friends at Canadian Moon Rocks. Canadian Moonrocks Co. is 100% Canadian owned and dedicated to ensuring only the best cannabis products are used in their production. From amazing Cannabis Oil’s, AAAA dry sifted kief, terpenes of the highest quality and flavor all lovingly coated onto organically grown BC buds from our top chosen cannabis producers.

Moon Rocks work great as an addition to any joint, making them burn longer more flavorful and pack a punch even when shared. These nugs work wonders in your favorite bong or vaporizer as well. When you purchase your first Canadian Moonrock, please keep these great tips in mind on how to maximize your usage of our excellent product: use a clean pair of scissors to cut a small amount of about .1-.3g; you can use your grinder but it will get sticky from thick coating of proprietary Cannabis Oil, terpenes and triple-A dry-sifted kief. Yes, you will quickly find that you’ll need very little of our product to affect your smoking/vaping experience. Proceed to mix with other cannabis products and enjoy the perfectly matched aromatic flavors that only Moonrocks can provide.

We carry flavors including but not limited to Green Apple, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Passion Guava and Orange Creamsicle. Check back during holidays for special seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice or Eggnog.


Canadian Moon Rocks

canadian moon rocks
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Green Apple, Cinn Toast, Passion Guava, Mango, Sour Diesel, Melon Candy, Orange Cream

12 reviews for Canadian Moon Rocks

  1. Daylon P

    3 time i order this one
    very good day strain

  2. Kate Carlin

    So flavorful and tasty apple smells amzing and burns slow and even.

  3. Darian

    This is awesome, nice buzz 10/10 on this one.

  4. Ethio Motor

    Very nice! ❤

  5. Damian Geiler

    So glad that i tried this and gave into the hype. The tastiest smoke i have ever had

  6. Alyson G

    The best high I ever got

  7. Mark K Hardin


  8. Anna Harris

    Awesome. Great taste and makes for a phenomenal sleep.

  9. J.k

    tried all the Flavored ones and they Are Great. curious what original tastes like. I know the high will be epic

  10. Larry

    I love moonrocks
    There really tasty, potent,and have the best sleeps of my life.

  11. hukgwai

    Smoothest smoke i ever had

  12. Eric

    Well worth the price. The hype was lived up to

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