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Megaladon is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by crossbreeding three famous staple strains. Great White Shark, White Widow, and Snow White were used to create this uplifting hybrid. This strain’s triple white lineage is boasting a higher than usual THC levels and gives it its glistening trichomes. With dense, round, minty-green nugs and sparse orange hairs; this strain is one of a kind!

This relaxing creamy smoke with a cerebral onset will boost your creativity and arouse your senses. Slight spicy and skunky aromas will play on your tongue after the first hit of this potent cannabis. Great for a day time smoker as it is not a complete couch-lock but also unlike some other sativas, it won’t send your mind racing. Great for a party setting this will leave you smiling and open to socialize while keeping you relaxed and content. Our staff at CleanGreenVIP think Megalodon is a great weed for everyone as it makes you feel engaged and excited without slowing you down. Everyone can agree when treating an illness or chronic pain, an important thing to do is to stay happy and .

Smoking this strain equates to a ride on a prehistoric shark and still feeling great hence its name – Megaladon.



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5 reviews for Megalodon

  1. Steve B

    I greatly enjoyed listening to some instrumental music and doing some creative writing while feeling the blissful effects of this monster strain. Definitely reccomend if you are having severe pain or depression, however it is quite strong and a little difficult to function on.

  2. Fergus

    Excellent smell and flavour I will be ordering more.

  3. Christopher Stewart

    This stuff is amazing. The quality of any product from this company is always top notch. 100% satisfied and I will be ordering again.

  4. Alisha

    Hit harder than I was expecting was was pretty good all around.

  5. Kelly Jacobs

    Good stuff

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