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everlasting extracts

Buy Shatter Online Canada – Kraken shatter

Kraken is one of my personal favourites when I’m looking for an extremely heavy, relaxing high. It makes for a very pungent, indica heavy shatter. This strain has awesome crystal coated buds that are super dense and chunky which results in some bomb shatter with a very high THC percentage. Classic indica bud structure. The smell will remind you of a very potent kush with slight notes of spice and tar. An excellent choice for any seasoned dabber!
We bring you this high THC extract from our friends at Everlasting extracts. Everlasting extract is striving to be an industry leader using closed loop systems and industrial BHO ovens for quality cannabis concentrates using pioneering methods of extraction. Winning multiple events and cannabis cups in Canada and abroad this west coast company is thriving in the Canadian cannabis industry. Looking forward this company is still thriving to be better by acquiring the best weed strains improving their techniques and controlling in house production.


Everlasting Extracts

everlasting extracts
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2 reviews for Kraken

  1. Martin Wood

    This is the best I ever had.

  2. Aric Melberg

    Relaxing high good for a night some tv and pass out.

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