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Island Silo-Purple Papaya

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Our friends at Island Silo offer high-quality extracts in a vaporizer cartridge for a pure, tasty experience. Best used with an adjustable voltage vape pen and stored upright in a cool, dry place. The cartridges contain only undiluted cannabis oil, with no fillers. They use a BHO closed-loop extraction process with a liquid CO2 de-waxing column. The product is placed in a vacuum oven at -30 InHg for 3 days at 90 degrees C to remove any excess butane to ensure top quality. Purple Papaya’s genetic lineage is inherited from Texada Timewarp, Pinewarp, A3 and Ancestral indica. It has a spicy indica fragrance with a heavy body stone. Medicinally used for pain, and stress relief, as well as improving one’s appetite. It is a good bronchial dilator. Grab a cartridge today and see why this if our new favourite product here at Clean Green!




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