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Ice Cream


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Ice Cream is a fantastic indica dominant hybrid that just landed on our shelves! We are thrilled to be stocking such a unique strain for all our customers. Ice Cream was originally bred by the award-winning team at Paradise Seeds. This is a brand new strain for us at Clean Green VIP and we are really excited to share it with all of you. This beautiful plant has big, chunky buds that have a deep purple shade underneath their bright green exterior. The buds are perfectly caked with trichomes and you can practically see the THC dripping right off the nugs! This phenomenal strain is reminiscent of big scoops of resin-covered ice cream. When you light up this exceptional indica hybrid, you will be hit with a creamy and piney flavour. As for the aroma of the bud, it is very earthy and a little skunky. This is definitely a strain you have to sample for yourself to understand its truly individual attributes. The perfect strain for any serious cannabis connoisseur!

Ice Cream is the ideal strain for a relaxing evening at home or a cold beer during the sunset. We would recommend this incredible indica hybrid to anyone who is looking for a powerful, yet calming high. Ice Cream is known to have an exceptionally high THC content and will be able to tell as soon as you light it up. You will find yourself having an increase in creativity and relaxation. This is all around one of our favourites when it comes to finding the perfect strain for a chill Sunday. We recommend Ice Cream for anyone heading to the movies, beach or anything along those lines. This strain really reminds us of another on our favourite hybrids, OG Kush. Place an order today and see why this is one of our go-to strains here at Clean Green VIP!



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