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Buy cannabis online Canada at Clean Green VIP – Chem Fire Strain

The “Chem Fire” is a perfectly balanced hybrid variety that is very strong and extremely reminiscent of the classic Chemdawg with a touch of OG Kush. This is an extremely potent smelling bud that is overwhelmingly skunky but makes for an incredibly powerful high. Definitely not a beginner strain, be careful!



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6 reviews for Chem Fire

  1. fredrickramore72567

    This herb is on fire fo sho. Loved it.

  2. Sarah

    Very high quality product. Strong relaxing effect.

  3. Douglas Smith

    5 stars very amazing smell , one of of the best strains I’ve ever had , it really helps with my insomnia will definitely be ordering again!

  4. Antoine Amos

    Was surprisingly happy with how effective this was for muscle relaxation and pain relief in addition to appetite and mood boosting.

  5. Andre Crosby

    one of my personal faves…great daytime blend

  6. Leigha Whipple

    Love this strain! Nice and sweet and smells good 😍

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