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Buy cannabis online Canada at Clean Green VIP – Blue Nightmare Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain

Blue Nightmare is a new welcomed arrival in our store. This strain is a sativa hybrid with another pair of wildly popular parents, Tahoe OG Kush and Blue Dream. Look, smell and taste of this hybrid’s glistening flowers are the makes of dreams, rather than what its name might suggest, nightmares. Clearheaded high with uplifting euphoric effects that will leave you coming back for more are trademarks of this strain. Sativas are known for helping you get creative juices going and this sativa hybrid is no exception. Few puffs and slowly your mind will be placed into a dreamy state thanks to this berry tasting hybrid. It’ll slowly melt your mind while your body becomes very relaxed.

These enchanting effects can be attributed to higher concentration of terpenes such as pinene and limonene and fairly high THC that reportedly can range highly from 16% to 25%. On average our batches of this hybrid are in the high 20s making this hybrid perfect for treating tremors/muscle spasms, anxiety, headaches, and migraines. Athletes can use this sativa as a supplement in their workouts because it will allow them to feel alert without worrying about the sluggish effects of an indica. The aroma is a minty-floral scent which makes you salivate before trying it. The smoke of this cannabis is reminiscent of its parent Blue Dream and has a blueberry taste with sweet earthy/floral hints after exhaling. This hybrid has unevenly shaped buds going from medium to a bigger sized nugs indicative of a sativa strain.


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7 reviews for Blue Nightmare

  1. Perry

    Took few extra days to get here but product is doing what it supposed to.

  2. Dawn

    Excellent flavor, great buzz, burned very smooth no gungy residue. The real deal, nice job

  3. Bryant Pinkston

    Smooth and very nice. No complaints at all. Will buy again.

  4. Chance Smith

    Hit harder than I was expecting was was pretty good all around.

  5. Lorrie Jo

    Awesome stuff really helps me focus

  6. Colt Loving

    good price

  7. ice_princess

    It’s delicious. A comfortable buzz. Nice relaxation but do not sleep. Perfect after work to spend a quiet evening.
    I recommand

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