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Banana Sherbert

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This is an incredible sativa hybrid that will leave you wanting more! It has a wonderfully fruity, sweet flavour, which derives from Sherbert while retaining pungent notes from it’s Banana Kush lineage. This is the perfect hybrid for any time of day! You’ll find yourself surprisingly social while experiencing a boost in creativity and energy. Banana Sherbert is a great strain for an afternoon at the beach or  It has the classic sativa structure while being surprisingly dense at the same time which speaks volumes to its Indica lineage. Banana Sherbert is also the perfect strain for a chill evening full of munchies, music, and movies! This strain is one of the new favourites here at Clean Green, you’ve got to try it out!!


Medical Cannabis

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3.5, 7, 14, 28

4 reviews for Banana Sherbert

  1. Demi Asselin

    Amazing strain a must try taste was out of this world

  2. nativebeauty420

    Always love this high

  3. kaley.fulton

    Great taste and high!

  4. emily_mandy

    Always happy with my buds from here…this one gave a very nice high most likely well order more!!

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