Baked Edibles Honey Tincture 100mg THC

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baked edibles

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Finally we have cannabis infused honey from our friends at Baked. Using only an organic honey, cannabis extracts, MCT oil and soy lecithin this honey is a great way to infuse any hot drink, as one teaspoon contains 5 mg of THC. Honey tincture that contains 100 mg of THC is easy to dose and will deliver a stronger reaction if consumed in a drink. Made from the honey of local bees and THC from local flowers. Put a teaspoon in your tea or hot chocolate sit back relax and enjoy the fruits and flowers of the west coast island.


Baked Edibles

baked edibles

1 review for Baked Edibles Honey Tincture 100mg THC

  1. Mary

    I use it for my evening teas. It’s really sweet and yummy. Great body buzz and gives me the best sleeps.!

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