Product Types

Buy shatter and weed online in Canada, and many other product types from CleanGreenVip. Our products include sativa, indica and hybrids. You can purchase marijuana health products in the form of  concentrates, infused weed products, and edibles. See below for additional information on how you can buy shatter online in Canada, or any of the other medicinal cannabis products.

What we Offer

We carry many options including but not limited to; tinctures, oils, topical creams, cannabis capsules, CBD products, infused gummies/chocolates, and even cannabis for your pets.


Cannabis Indica (commonly referred to as In-Da-Couch) is known as the overpowering, physically sedating variety of Cannabis. Smoking an indica strain will you leave you…


Cannabis Sativa is the high powered, psychoactive side of Cannabis. Sativa strains generally have very high THC contents which result in a more euphoric and mental high when…


Hybrid Cannabis strains are pretty self explanatory, they are ideally a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica. For the most part, hybrid strains usually lean more towards to one side of the…


Cannabis concentrates are the next big things in the marijuana industry!! There are many different types of concentrates out there but the most popular forms are shatter, wax and oil. 


Infused Cannabis products are any type of product that is not a flower, concentrate or edible. We have several different products that fit into that category; the most popular being THC/CBD pills…


Cannabis edibles are any type of food or drink that contains an active ingredient of marijuana, such as THC or CBD. Edibles are incredibly popular and have been now for years.