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Cannabis concentrates are the next big things in the marijuana industry! There are many different types of concentrates out there but the most popular forms are shatter, wax and oil. These delicious extracts are becoming rapidly more popular day-by-day and there are excellent reasons for it!
The idea behind concentrates is to extract the THC from the plant with the highest possible purity, it’s that simple. When you take out the plant matter, you are also reducing the majority of the tar emissions. Concentrates are the healthier alternative to smoking flower and that’s one of the reasons they are so popular. It is also a very clean high; users claim that they experience less anxiety and paranoia when using concentrates. Another benefit to using extracts is the terpene profile you are able to achieve, more terpenes result in a stronger flavour. Live resin, which is another popular form of concentrate, extracts the THC from the fresh plant promptly after it’s been harvested which results in a full terpene profile.
Shatter is a brittle, glass-like substance that is arguably the most popular right now. It’s an extremely malleable substance, to the point where you can form your dabs with your finger tips. Wax, for instance, which has a similar consistency to candle wax, is very hard to form with your fingers. Wax and oil are known to have higher terpene profiles than shatter which means there is more of a scent and flavour to the product. At the same time, wax and oil are known to generally have a lower THC content than shatter. There are pros and cons to all forms of concentrate but they are all uniquely incredible!!