Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have gathered commonly asked questions if you haven’t found an answer that you were looking for don’t hesitate to send one of our agents a message by using a chat option on the bottom of the screen or email above. If we can’t answer it right away we will get back to you as soon as one of our operators are free.

We deliver anywhere in Canada

Although you cannot buy cannabis at gas stations or liquor stores just yet, you can purchase it here. Simple click the sign up button, enter your information and confirm your email address and you’re ready to place your order! If you wish to keep your account active, make sure you submit your ID to verify your age only within 72 hours but don’t worry you can still make purchases.

All you need is to be 19 years of age or older. Have a valid Canadian address and a Canadian bank account so you can send e-transfers. And ensure you comply with our terms and conditions outlined on our site. it’s that simple to buy cannabis and have it delivered right to your door.

After receiving your order and accepting your money transfer our elite team we’ll put your order together within 24 hours. After which our system will issue a tracking number as soon as the courier scans your package which should occur the same business day unless pick-up falls on the weekend or holiday in which case it will be issued next business day.

Indica is a body high that can make you sleepy and aid with any physical pain you may be experiencing. Sativa is a happy, uplifting cranial high that can motivate you and keep you active and enhance artistic skills and help with concentration.
Concentrates is a broad term used to define products made by extracting THC, resins or other active ingredients / terpines.
If there is a problem with your order, please contact us with the details and some pictures. Do not ship back your product as we cannot guarantee we will receive it. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our operators are available to assist you should you require any assistance with your order.

Shatter is heat sensative and can sometimes change in consistency. This does not affect the potency of the product, and it can still be used medicinally, as it is, regardless of the particular application method.

All edibles have a different range of potency, and will effect each individual differently. Edibles can be stronger in their effects than flower. We recommend that each patient starts with a milligram dose they are comfortable with since each patient will be affected differently. Micro-dosing is better for some patients, while larger doses can be great for others. We recommend to start slow and to see how you feel after an hour has passed to decide if you require more. Speak to your patient consultant and they will help you find the right edible that will work great for your individual needs.
Currently we accept E-transfers. We are working on adding additional methods of payment. For instructions on how to send e-transfers please watch the video below. There are step by step instructions for you to follow at the checkout. If you have an immediate need and are unable to send an e-transfer, please contact us.