Our Mission at CleanGreenVip.com

Clean Green – www.cleangreenvip.com – bringing you the cleanest medicinal products we possibly can is our top priority. What does that mean? Making sure there are no unwanted byproducts or contaminants. That everything is free of chemicals that don’t belong. We offer natural plant products made with care and the purpose to heal and improve quality of life without any additional side effects.

Who we are at CleanGreenVip

Here at Clean Green, we recognize the need for fair and uncompromised access to cannabis products. We believe in a need for high-quality marijuana at a fair price exists among medical and recreational consumers. We are working tirelessly to bring you the best quality that can elevate our brand, be worthy of our name, and most importantly be a hit among our clients.

We have gathered some of the most trusted and reputable brands of craft cannabis producers in BC and on the market. We always listen to our customer feedback and thrive to provide products that will meet and exceed their expectations. We take responsibility to care about and educate our consumers. We are striving to be a part of the community and treat all our customers like friends and family. We were founded on the idea to bring to the market small craft cannabis producers that are unable to fall under a corporate umbrella laid out by our federal government. Finding themselves only able to operate in the grey market they are having a harder time connecting to their customers. Nevertheless, these pioneers of the industry continue to bring exceptional products and innovative new goodies that are loved around this country.

Our team sees a clear need and demand in online ordering when it comes to cannabis products. Ordering from us can’t be much simpler. From the comfort of your home or anywhere else you can place your order any time of night and day. After a simple sign-up and your preferred payment method has been processed, your order will be on the way to you in discreet and smell-proof packaging.

With ease, you are going to be enjoying high-quality products of exceptional value all within a couple of days. If you have any questions about product or consumption methods feel free to reach out. You will be greeted as a friend and one of our cannabis experts will answer any of your questions or guide you through order or consumption methods to make your experience exceptional. That is the kind of great customer service you are able to expect from an online dispensary like CleanGreenVIP. Our staff is available to help improve your experience, but always remember to consult your health care professional about changes in your regiment.

Where are Clean Green Vip products from?

Based in beautiful British Columbia, where we grow the best BC bud to create all natural, healthy living products. All our products have undergone strict quality control guidelines and are processed and packaged in safe, clean facilities by experienced professionals.